22 September 2012

its not a beautiful nightmare

have you ever dreamt the same dream repeating over and over again.?
i have..
well,different situation but same storyline..
i have to run,run, and run to get things just infront of me..
how should i say this..?
ok.here's the situation..
i need a book. and that book is in my room. im at the living room..
basically it just took me 10 steps to get to my room and get the book..
but,in my dream..
i have to run,climb,take a transport,swim to get to my room..
and still i cant get my book..
there's so many obstacles,complications along the way..
i have to run on the hollow and bumpy road,the transportation i took was out of gas or broke down..
and at the end,i wake up frustrated. sometimes i even wake up crying..
because,i feel sad, mad, disappointed , blaming myself 'why cant i make it?'
it does not happened in just one night..
the dream keep repeating..
the next night was about meeting someone..
the other night was about getting to some place..
the storyline still the same. complication and obstacles. i wake up with disappointment..
and it keep haunting my night sleep..
every night..

i told my family about it..
why i keep dreaming like that.?
and my dad said..

' its maybe because u dint work hard enough to get what u want. the effort u put is too little. think back what u want and what did u do to make it happen.? that dream as a reminder for u to work hard  and conscientious in everything u do. put your whole heart in everything u do now. '

i put a deep thought on every single words my dad said..
he's right..
maybe i just need to work more harder, put more effort, be more sincere and be more serious in everything i do in my life now..

*hoping tonight i can have a good sleep. i really need a rest. those dream, making me stress and depress*

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