12 September 2012

나는 아름다운 여자예요

the title is a little too over,right.?

since im a successful 'penanam strawberi'..
those korean dramas influence me..
plus with all the handsome,cute actors and singers..
i just thought it would be better if i can understand them without the english translation..
so, i take an initiative to learn hangul..
by myself..

yes,now i can read and write hangul..
but still need to work hard with the vocabulary and the meaning..

learning hangul surely not as easy as learning abc..
alphabet have simple and straight forward letter..
but hangul totally opposite..
one letter share two alphabet..
plus,both consonants and vowels have their own categories..
basic,aspirated,tensed and combine..
surely make my head a little dizzy and bumble..
and the pronunciation of each letter also not simple..

thanks to monash university for the 'my korean' text book..
truly a great helps for me to understand hangul..
working hard on my vocabulary right now..
anyone know where to find korean-english dictionary.?