18 January 2011

fall for u

i think i fall in love again..
struck by the cupid's arrow..straight into my heart...
really cant get u out of my mind..
keep thinking about u..
seriously..u take my heart away..
what should i do..?
should i make u mine..?
or just observe from far..?
but i really fall deeper..
totally cant stop myself..
keep imagine myself with u..
we sure look perfect with each other..
u keep chasing me in my dream...
i think..
i better make u mine..
if not..i'll feel regret for the rest of my life..
*for the rest of my life..?? kinda too much right*

this 1 pretty cute

this 1 look cool

love the color

this is u i mention above..
think its a guy huh..
its a boot larr..
i noe..i noe...its so last yeaaarrr..
but i just fall in love with them..
must get them as soon as i can..
this weekend maybe..

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