17 January 2011


spending my weekend at jerejak island,penang..

at the jetty

wasn't dat island is oni for prisoner..?
haunted island right..?
eh..bukan ke pulau tu tempat orang sakit kusta..??
those are feedbacks dat i received when i said i went to jerejak..
yes..everything is true..
but it was before..back before we achieved our independence..
it turns to a very ideal place to get a peaceful time to spend with the loves1..

its outdoor spa is superb..

sneaking into the outdoor spa

outdoor bath after relaxing spa

its concept more to nature concept..based on thailand n india theme..
really is an escape getaway from all the busy-ness n stress-ness..
a suitable place to relax n pamper yourself..
the most unique thing is the ride..it is modified kancil without the doors..
kinda funny actually..coz we usually see it in a complete kancil car..
then it become door-less..
pon..pon..pon..pon..kereta kecilku berbunyi..

will feel unsafe for sure..coz the area is mostly hill..n narrow road..
it is an adventurous experience..yet it is fun..

i also made some new friends..
bard n saiful...

they accompany me walking around and helping me taking pictures..
really thanx..

end of the journey

our boat ride

thanx to her coz bring me along..teeheehee..


  1. huhu..
    maceh mas..
    dtg la ke jerejak..
    *ececeh..promote plak*

  2. wah.kalau g tu kita buat reunion kat situ lah..ain pakai DSLR ker?

  3. huhu..
    klo wt kt situ..
    agk mhl la..
    eh..xde la..
    camera bese j ni..