31 December 2010

livin' in the past

does memories have any power..?
sweet..bitter..heartbroken..joy..or watever it is,it has no power..
everything that past are memories and we cant live in it..
people will forget and move on..
is it..?
but for  me..memories are important..
because with memories..
i know that everything happened to me was real..
even though it past but the moment,the memory was mine once..
and i can feel wat its like compare to just imagine it..
memories teach us to appreciate things around before we lost it..
we never realized how important thing is until it gone..
memories encourage us to continue our life whenever we feel like giving up..
with memories,we dare to dream..dare to express ourselves..
we cant always live in the past..
life must go on no matter wat..
whenever we feel like falling or giving up..
stop awhile and look back..
think about wat we've done and wat we have not done..
we will find the answer..

*2011 is coming and i wanna be a brand new me*


  1. from those past events, it is where we pick up more experiences to handle much more delicate future stuff in a better way

  2. yup..
    we become more matured..
    and careful when handle problems..