14 June 2013

its ok to be not ok

' menangis bukan bererti lemah, terkadang mereka menangis hanya ingin mengeluarkan beban yang terlalu menyesakkan dada '

23 years.
i never see you shed a single tear.
that day.
for the first time.you cried
i know that you cant hold it any longer.
you been keep it inside.alone.with no one to share
i know it must been so hard to you.that you cant bear it anymore

and im sorry for just standing there.froze
watching you cried.
dont even know how to comfort you.
and i ended up crying.

i know how you feel.
cant imagine to be in your shoe.
can i be that strong.?
am i able to continue and survive,?
like you did

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