02 June 2012

walking down the aisle


' will you marry me.? '

every girl will be dying to hear this kind of question from the one they love.
the heart will thump.tears will burst.and the smile will brightly etched.

 to some of my friends that are bride-to-be,someone's fiance-to-be,


as for me.honestly.im not ready yet to be someone's bride.
never think about marriage seriously.
do jealous with friends that going to end their single life soon.
but there's no need to rush,right.?
cause im looking for a life time partner.

and for my life time partner-to-be.
please be patient.im improving myself.
to be someone that compatible to you and your family.
to be someone that you can proud of.
because i believe we both want to be the best for each other.

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