02 March 2012

i wish i had missed the first time that we kissed

well,life can never be as we've planned..
it wont always be happily ever after..
no matter how many fairy tales we read..
life never turn out like that..
as i think back..
there's a thousand regrets..
obviously,mistakes that i shouldn't done..
if only i put a deep thought on it back then..
one by one,things that i've done flip through my mind..

mom n dad.im sorry.im not a great daughter for such a wonderful parents as u.
friends.sorry for harsh words that i've said.for hurtful actions that i've done.
someone.i wish i can turn back time and choose to not know u.
mr.ultraman.i cant find a right word to describe it.everything is a terribly blunder.

but thanks to all those mistakes..
i've learned and grow up as a better and stronger person..

life gets so tiring lately.wish i can pause it for awhile and cry.just for tonight.

1 comment:

  1. be strong dear...u can do it..u can cry on my shoulder.. luv u..cari mr batman pulak k