30 January 2012

move on

someone told me..
' those memories are important to me '

 the footstep will disappear as soon as the sea wipe them off

we cant live inside the memories..
things that past will never be happening again,impossible..
we should cherish what we have now,appreciate..
when u decide to let go of your hands..
just move on, don't ever turn back again..
coz if u do,those memories will hurt u..
wondering if u do better,what will the result be..
wondering and keep wondering..
lastly ' i shouldn't done it that way.im totally regret ' will appear..

to that someone..
i love you once..
but it wasn't enough for you..
and i can't be more perfect than that..
whatever happened between us,let just move on..

*slowly become a-let-go person.i don't think i can endure a heartbreak once again.u've changed me.a lot.*

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