10 December 2011

light graffiti

its my first time do a light graffiti..
surely is fun..
excited to be exact..
thanx to lutfi, along, sue and cik ros for the opportunity..

light graffiti is..
a simple long exposure photography using lights to create objects and add effects into the photo that are not actually there in real life.
light graffiti does not involve vandalism since it just light in long exposures.

the necessities :
  • camera : a camera with long exposure capabilities is necessary
  • tripod : a very sturdy, rugged tripod is recommended but any free standing tripod that support the camera and does not shake will do
  • light : traffic butons, xenon, LED, cold cathode
 setting :
  • ISO : ISO 100 or lower,(if your camera can) to reduce the amount of noise in your long exposure
  • aperture : a high number, 18 and up to let more light in
  • shutter speed : BULB mode which keeps the shutter open as long as is necessary for your creation

and now we are ready to do some light graffiti.yeay.

stil need a practise for sure..
cant wait for the next light graffiti outing..


  1. hehe..jom kita mengasah bakat lam dunia light grafitti lagi..

  2. Sonok kn..hehehehe....
    btw sue nmpk tag name sue kt pic2 tu...heee...TQ!

  3. hehe..
    amek pic dri sue,kne la tag nme sue..
    nxt time kte b'graffiti ag..