01 November 2011


this is one of my old time favorite song..
The I had about tomorrow, have suddenly arrived with the touch of your hands
It may be too late
I wasn't able to say when I've been keeping my feelings hidden

What do you feel? What do you feel, behind those eyes that look toward the future
Is it all mine? I think I'm alive. Thank you for giving me everything.
Someday I´ll lay my love on you. Baby I don´t wanna lose it now.
Just one, there's only you
Let each day be like the first time we met
You're the reason I live
These feelings are only for you
You know

The past days tell me, that love can be for eternity
At the end of each day, wait for me. I'm so happy loving you

We can last forever, anywhere in the world
Just one, there's only you
My one and only love
There's no one else besides you
I know this, I'll believe it For eternity

How did you find me, among all these people? I'm moving towards you now
I pray for this love to be true, now matter where we are
miss you, my baby you
Stay with me a moment longer
 Like a lie, live around time
Throughout each changing day...

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