01 April 2011

peek a boo

its april..!
means my final exam is just 'round da corner..
this 18 april i will start my first paper..
and as usual..im not yet prepare..

always playing 'round huh..

im out of word actually..
no idea but feel like writing..

wanna know some secret..?
my secret..

i like to or love to look at guy with a messy hair..
kinda attractive to me..

more attractive when he put the glasses on..

wah..so so so my type..
old school style..i like..
sound nerdy huh..

yes..i like nerdy guy..
nerd but not geek whom always with books,games..
nerd but stil know how to socialize..
get what i mean.?
like this one..
he get my eyes on him..
fully attention..

totally like the style