06 March 2011


here's the thing..
i am an engineering's student..manufacturing eng..
and as an engine student..mostly deal with the numbers..equation..problem and so on..
like one of my lecture said..
" if you wanna be an excellent engineer,you must know what math can do for you "

i really love this

the problem is..
me,myself..not so good in math..
more specific in converting units..
ah..i really lost with this converting..
sometimes,the question is simple..but turn to be difficult because of this converting step..
as example,question gives you pascal unit but the answer need to be in bars..
so,what you have to do is convert the pressure first into bars..then you'll get the exactly right answer..

shame with myself actually.. still cant master it even though im alrdy in my 3rd years..
can i be a good engineer if i continue like this..?
i really need to put more effort on it..

the overall learning process is fun and exciting..
*well,sometimes not so fun coz of the lecture,class' environment and mood*
but when it time to sit for the paper..
it really make my world upside down..
*emm..maybe because im not well-prepared*


  1. hihihihi..sama la kite..moh belajar pelan2..biar lambat asal faham..kikiki..all da best utk ain

  2. pinjam gambar na..masuk lam blog..

  3. heee...
    all the best tok cik ros gak..
    tp susah tok nk start bukak bku..

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