02 March 2011

life is unexpected

can you imagine if you have to live with the cancer for the rest of your life.?
i totally cant imagine it and i know im not strong enough to face it..
im not a tough person..
i cry even when im having a toothache and fever..
i really cant imagine it..
praying to ALMIGHTY to keep me,my family and people around me healthy..
but ALLAH certainly has unique ways to show His love..

every entry he posted make my tears fall down..touch me deeply..
he sure was a tough person..
and i wish i can be as tough as him..
handle all my problems with smile and open heart..
living with the cancer but he stil live his life to the fullest..
i envy him..so positive..so strong..

ALLAH love him more..
he died on 18.12.2010..

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