25 March 2011

contest free photoshoot

its a FREEEEE photoshoot contest..by faridism photography..
oh my..oh my..
im soooo excited..
aren't you guys as excited as me..?

but i also nervous and doubting..
should i join.?
im not that beautiful..
i decide to give it a try..
so..let check the details out..

banner for the contest

as usual..every contest has it own term and conditions..
for more info,visit FARIDISM PHOTOGRAPHY

why should i be chosen..?
because i wanna make my own stories in every picture captured..
i wanna make it memorial-able as i grow older..
besides i love to play pretend like im a model infront of the camera,which is obviously im not..
and as for the theme..
i have two themes in mind..
- indie look theme

- retro/vintage theme

ok,here i wanna tag :