13 February 2011

pretty woman

beautiful is subjective..
it different in everyone eyes..
some think tanned skin is beautiful..
some wan big eyes with grey eyes' color..baby doll like..
some prefer long hair is more beautiful than short hair..
some,dye their hair to look more beautiful..
some,do an operation on their body to have a model-like-figure for the sake of beauty..
but..the most important is what in the inside,our heart..
inner beauty always glow brighter than the outer beauty..
most people forget 'bout that..
they just judge what on the outside only..
pretty face with a zero attitude..
stil is pretty for you..??
i don think so..
and of course..beautiful is subjective..
different people with different perspective..

every girls should be confident with their appearance..with themselves..
believe that they are beautiful..believe that they are unique in their own way..
improve and polish our inner beauty..
because,no matter how long..it will always inner beauty that stay..
pretty face,model-like-figure..wont last forever..
someday..we will become old..no more smooth pretty face,no more slim body..
things that remain is warm-hearted,well-spoken,and our characteristic..

so girls..
be pretty..inner and outer..

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