20 February 2011

♥ my new lurve ♥

spent my night as a receptionist at a lovely wedding..
totally is a new experience for me..
a bit exhausted of course..but it was incredibly fun ..
the bride n groom..is such a lovely person..
not to mention the family..their are superb,nice,and just a lovely family..
wish my future mother in law is like auntie marlia..such a gentle and understanding mommy..
sorry for no wedding's picture..coz we all so busy with the event till forgot to snap some..

i also realized this one thing..
im ugly with make up on..
feel myself look like lady-boy..
yes i know..myself it is originally not pretty..and make up make it worse..
plus i din know how to make up also..
my friend help me with it..
the only thing i know is..wearing a eyeliner..
poor thing..
no picture also..coz im too ugly..

and yesterday..i found my new love..
i fall in love with pecan butterscotch..
i think im gonna addict and stick with it for a long long time..
before i was in love with tiramisu,cheese and black forest..
now stil love them..but PB is my priority..
thinking of it ardy make my saliva dripping..
so yummy..

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