12 February 2011

handle with care

it just February and i alrdy broke..
i din even know where my money gone..
where did i spent it..i spent it for what..
really flow like water..
nope..i din have new outfit also..
maybe..but i din think it cost me so much..
why my account always lack of money..
i really really need a money planning..

so..i do some research on how to save..
and found a simple and easy way..
hope it work and help me with this terrible crisis..

1. make a list budget and make sure you stick on it..if you can get yourself to stay within your budget for just one month,you could stil make a difference..

2. set saving goals..for short term goals,this is easy..for example..you wanna buy a pair of funky stylish boot,find out how much it cost,plan and start saving..

3. get organized..just keeping organized can save you a heap of dosh..

4. open a saving account..If you got money lying around, nothing is better than to let your pile of money settle in a savings account while you earn money off interest risk-free than to leave it at home uninsured and not making interest..make one specific account where you din have the debit card with you..

5. buy non-perishable items in bulk..When buying non-perishable items, nothing saves more than to buy them in bulk. For items like toothpaste, toilet paper, and shampoo, it is best to stock up on them when given an opportunity. This can save you a lot of money on buying these items compared to buying the items singly from retail stores.

5. avoid ATM fees..While a minority of banks don’t charge for ATM withdrawals, a majority of banks still do. That is why it is best to go directly to the bank to withdraw money or to choose another plan with a bank that doesn’t charge for ATM withdrawals.

6. borrow instead of buying..If you know you need to buy something for something that is temporary, it is best to borrow something than to buy your own at full price. Mostly because after you are done using it, most of the times you won’t use it again.

i really hope this saving tips will help me and my money..
someone told me before..woman should know how to save..how to handle money wisely..
unfortunately..im not that woman..
very sad case..

this person also need to be handle with care =p


  1. gud!!!!
    i do the same things dear:)

  2. T.T
    out of money again..
    mari kita m'praktikkn tips ni..