31 January 2011


Saturday..we all meet up at petronas,seksyen 7..
lucky there have A&W..so i grab a burger..
heee..i was starving..

we're so excited to see each other coz its been a long time since our last meeting..
we chit chat and laugh like old time..talking how much we all have grown up..
and yet stil is the person that we all know..the habit..the craziness..
they complaint about how small i am..stil same size as in secondary..

prepared ourselves with mineral water..some snack..
and we're ready to go..
our group's activity schedule is on 2.30pm..
all worried about getting sunburn..
i don have sunblock..!!
suddenly..the sky become cloudy..
ok..its better sunny than raining..
raining means we have to CANCEL it..
now..everyone praying to be a sunny and bright day..

finally..arrived at the entrance..
waiting for our transportation..

an open air buz will bring all of us to the skytrex camp..
everyone is excited..
singing..posing for photos..

a picture of myself is a must..=p

infront of skytrex camp

as we ready to start our adventure..rain suddenly fall heavily..
the instructor tell us that we have to cancel it and reschedule..
everyone disappointed..
its not easy for us to go out like this again..
just this holiday everyone free..well,not everyone but stil its not easy to find a date where everyone can say yes..
so..we decided to wait abit longer..hoping n praying for rain to stop..
half an hour later..the rain stop..
yeah..the adventure is now begin..
lets rock n roll..
no picture when we all on the trees..
no one dare to bring their camera up..

honestly..i almost give up..
it totally high..challenging..
what if i fall..?
can this cable support my weight..?
can the rescue team rescue me if im stuck in the middle while doing flying fox..?
this question keep pop up inside my brain..
the zig zag challenge really killing me..
almost cry up there..
but the courage come when i look at my girls..
all try their best to overcome the fear n complete the challenge..
finally..the scared n give up feeling is gone..
it turn to be a satisfaction when reach the one check point to another..
now im more confident with what my body and my brain can do..
thanx to all my sweet girls..
u all so awesome..!

after one hour and a half..we complete all the challenge..
everyone was like..
" next time lets do this again "..
" i wan more "
" lets do the extreme1 "
" it was fun..! "

on our way back..we stop at cactus garden..
its really a big mistake for the buz's driver to stop here..
nice place to be perasan-model..
we all like..
'my photo..'
'here more nice..'
'baie..cepat la..gambar aku plak..'

i like this pic

style la your jump,ani

finally..its the end of our adventure..
one of my coolest memories with them..
love you guy 'ketat-ketat'..

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