27 January 2011

let go

i just realize that im not a let go person..
know what i mean..??
i keep everything with me..
the good..the bad..the new..the old..
i never let go..
i stil keep letters from my secondary friends which aged years..
i stil keep the old magazines..
the old clothes..
keeping the perfume's bottles..
keeping the cute paper bags..
i keep everything..
no wonder my room so messy and getting smaller..
my wardrobe also full with the old clothes which im not wearing it anymore..
same goes to people..
i keep people that hurt me..keep people that saddens me..
i wanna be a carefree person..
wanna be a let go person..
let go of everything that i do not need..things that saddens me..
and just take things that i essentially need only..
like diana said " An unhappy moment in life, is just another moment among other moments to come. Let go and move on "
she's right..
why i should bother with things that only bring harm to me..
my first mission is..
clear up my wardrobe..
then follow by my room..

and my mission starts now...