23 January 2011

what should i do..??

have you been in the situation where you went out n suddenly ternampak someone you love with other..?
yes..i am..
i've been in that situation..
trust me..
it was horrible..
even more horrible when he ignores your text message..
i went out today n saw him from far..
*im not stalking ok*
i was in the car then suddenly saw him taking pic..
i text him n i thought he will be happy received my mssg..
but i was wrong..
he just replied..
sms very expensive..
am i wrong..?
i shouldn't text him..?
or should i just ignore the fact that i saw him..??
im sad..

p/s: i went to hadyai today for one day trip only

in front of prince of songkla university 

at hadyai market

p/s : sorry for the same outfit since i did not bring much clothes to perlis..=p