06 January 2011

a girl named ain

hola chicas..
its been awhile since my last post..
emm..nothing much to write in this post..
just few random things about myself..

> my full name is nur nurul suriana..
back then,in secondary..one of my teacher said im greedy..
why..?bcoz i have nur and nurul..
this..definitely not my fault..
its my grandma named me..
> i come from a small family..
daddy..mummy..sista and me..
my sis and me..
we are different..definitely..
she is 9 yo..and me 21 yo..
so much gap there..
ppl say im a spoil kid..
hell yeah..i am..
i cried when i noe im gonna have a sis..
> i get excited when see kitten.. especially the cute1..
i called them meow..
how's dat..sound cute right..
i din like frog..totally din like it..
geli larr..
> laksa..i totally crazy for laksa..
i can have laksa everyday..i don mind at all..
but at perlis..their laksa quite different..
stil acceptable though..
> 'eh,sombong nya dia'..
people 1st impression about me mostly..
i am not arrogant,haughty,cocky or same meaning words with it..
really..i am not..
i just..hard to communicate with..
my social skill is very poor..
truth is im a taciturn person..
less talk but observed more..
once you noe me..then you wont say im sombong..
> honestly,my cooking skill is low..
from 1 to 10 point..i give myself 3point..
i noe,girl should noe how to cook..
but im not..
ok..mybe i can cook but the taste wont be like it should be..
my meow also don wanna eat my cooking..
this 2011,i promise to learn myself some cooking..
> i love white..
mostly all my tee is in white color..
boring huh..
i really cant help myself to not buy white stuff..
> i sleep with socks..
it keep me warm and sleep soundly..
i like to cover myself with thick blanket and sleep surrounded by pillow..
so cozy..
i really cant stand the cold..
my legs will be in pain..

i guess thats it..few random things about myself..


  1. cik ros suka entry nih..hihi..suke baca english giler2 ain..pengaruh komik r nih

  2. hahaha..
    mari kite bce komik rmi2..

  3. u were missin smthng to tell~~
    how come ur name NUR NURUL SURIANA became AIN~~ haha
    it has an own story right~~

  4. haha..
    its a very long story to tell..
    next post mybe..