12 January 2011

april bride II

look at you..
21 yo,alrdy thinking about marriage huh..
stil have 1 year of your study..
study hard..get a work..collect money and enjoy yourself..
dats wat my mummy will say if she know im dreaming about getting married..
April bride is a Japanese movie..
its about a couple who get married in april..it juz like a typical wedding..however the bride is suffering from last stage breast cancer..
this movie is based on the true story of chie nagashima and her husband taro akasu..
the movie quite slow..for those who din like slow movie,maybe will find it boring..
as for me..it is so sad and touching..
both chie and taro are really a strong and tough people..
she never complaint..never show her true feel about the cancer..

this movie really make me think differently..
as a healthy person..i do complaint a lot..
i don think i can be as strong as her..
life is never as easy as we want it to be..
be grateful of what you have now..appreciate it..

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