16 December 2010

today is thursday

time to cut my nails..
you see..uncare nails
i always lazy to trim my nails everytime..till my mom nagged about it or my gemox babbling about worm,dirt n blablabla..
nails is important u know..
nails are an indicator of our general health..treat them well & you'll do just fine..
here some basic nails care :

  • Wash hands with mild soap, using a nailbrush.
  • Soak the hands in warm water for a few minutes to soften the cuticles (the bits of skin at the bottom of the nails).
  • Very gently push back the cuticles if they are long and ragged.
  • Trim the nails to the same length, cutting off any snaggy or spiky bits.
  • File the ends of the nails to smooth them off.
  • If your hands are dry, apply some handcream (it doesn't have to be the girly stuff that stinks of flowers). As for me i use baby johnson lotion..

thats more like it..hee

remember..don't ever bite your nails.!
and your diet dictates the condition of your nails. For extra-strength, eat food rich in calcium, iron and zinc.don't use strong soaps and detergents because can dry out nails and cause them to split.

have a beautiful & healthy nails girls..

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